Death X-Rays The Angels Of Chance (astralgurl) wrote,
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I picked up the phone today. The guy, "Can I speak to the Republican of the house?" I say, "There is none," & hang up. If only most phone calls were that easy. Speaking of which, I told Jesse I'd call her back at the beginning of June & just now realized I haven't. If she'd stop changing numbers so often, maybe I could keep on top of that.

My address briefly changed enough to make it a hassle but not enough to the point where something being mailed to me in the near future won't make it my way. If you want it, feel free to ask.

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but most of the people in madradhair really in fact do not have mad rad hair.

I'm back to watching my more than crap VHS collection from the 90's (think Godzilla, My Best Friend's Wedding, & You've Got Mail) because I've played every video game in the vicinity of my household.
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